Treadmill Lube Slipcoat Lubricant Silicon Oil – Body Train


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Treadmill Lube Slipcoat Lubricant Silicon Oil

Body Train


These kits provide a 2 years supply for the average user using the treadmill under 4 hours a week and includes applicator lube glove and easy to follow instructions No Need To Slacken the Belt !!!

We also include ****Top tips of how to prolong the life of your treadmill  free ****

We have over 20 years experience of repairing treadmills These tips alone are worth well over the cost of the lubricant  

The Right Lube For the Belt  ***SLIPCOAT LUBRICANT***  Specifically formulated for treadmills and totally synthetic and pretroleum free !!****

How Far Would You Get If Your Cars Engine Was Dry Of Oil ??? Or The Wrong Type Not Very Far …. This Is The same For treadmills They Need The Correct Lubricant And The Correct Amount Appyling This is the one of the Most Important procedure required by the treadmill owner in prolonging their investment and maintaining the lifespan and overall operation of the treadmill

Benifits reduces motor amp draw eg uses less electricity prolongs the life of the electronics and running belt /deck

Do Not Lubricate Your treadmill With Any House Hold Lube Such As WD/40 Or Silicon Sprays Or Any Silicon Oils Most Of These Products Contain Petrolem Distillates That Will Absolutely Ruin Your Treadmill They do not have The Correct Viscosity Etc Also You should Have Instructions Of How To Apply The Correct Amount Of Lube Otherwise You Will Do More Harm Than Good

All treadmill Require General Upkeep And Lubrication Maintenance Free Equipment Does Not Exist !!!! ( What Ever The Manufactures May Claim ) Only Use Genuine Running Belt Deck Lubricant Specifically Formulatedc For Treadmills !!!!

We Just Dont Sell Slipcoat Lubricant But Use It Every Day








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