Daihatsu Hijet/Piaggio Porter Sliding Door Repair Kit


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Will fit all Hijets + Porters from 1992 onwards all engine sizes:  850cc 1000cc 1300cc 1400cc Diesel 1200cc right up to the new Extol range.

99.9% of the time these center hinge rollers break up on these sliding doors after about a year of use as it carries nearly all the load of the door this causing the sliding doors to drop slightly and become increasingly hard to open / close in time and starts to grinds which puts a lot of strain on the door handles causing these to fail as well.

Note, I also have the handles for sale and they come with a door repair kit as standard.  So if you need a handle the bearing comes with it FREE!  Main dealer price is around £49 + VAT for a new handle.

These kits contain one replacement roller which will repair all Daihatsu Hijets or Piaggio Porters with sliding doors with worn center hinges.  The center hinge is shown in the main picture. The roller fits in the horizontal runner and is bolted on the hinge so is easily checked for wear.  The roller should be totally round and free.  Your local garage or mechanic would advise you on the condition if you are not sure.

The kit contains one replacement roller which will repair one door.  You cannot buy these repair kits from your Daihatsu dealer as they only sell the complete hinges costing over £49 each! That’s £98 for two – so you can save £££££ by using a repair kit instead.

The new rollers are easy DIY to fit as they just bolt on the hinge – it takes around 10 mins each side. Full step by step instructions are included in every repair kit – or just give them to your local garage to fit.  I have sold and fitted lots of these roller kits making the old doors slide like new.


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