All TREADMILL MOTORS  come with a  fitting /set up guild and Lubricant for the belt and the deck  please read  before fitting  your motor

Please note we give no warranty !!!  on treadmill motors should they over heat as this could  be due to a number  of factors listed below so should the motor start to over heat  turn it off and please contact us 

Some Reasons why treadmill motors could over heat below

Treadmill not getting 240v from the mains supply , Worn Running belt /deck . Over tightened running Belt  + Motor drive belt,  Some one over the user weight , Running Deck not lubricated with the correct lubricant . Using it longer than 45 mins ,Worn front and rear  Rollers

If you need to speak to us please ring 07900 467675

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results